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Specialized Transport

We organize professional transport of art all over the world. You can be assured that we are experts in the secure export/ import of art, working with only the best companies in the transportation and insurance sectors.


Framing has two main objectives; presentation and conservation of the piece. One must keep in mind that the frame must never take away or overshadow the work itself, but must enhance the piece taking into account its style, tonality. Spacing, scale, and the material of the frame, as well as placement and lighting must all be carefully thought out.

We also are very knowledgeable about which frames are time period appropriate for each piece in order to give advice on this facet as well.

Management and Installation of Exhibits

Subject investigation, working with artists, organization, design, and installation of stands. As well writing texts and marketing materials needed for an exhibit.

Photography & Cataloguing

There are many reasons to photograph art pieces: archiving a collection, public catalogues, collection documentation and printing; as well as, making a registry of original works of the author him or herself.

Once again we work with the most experienced professionals in the field in order to achieve the highest quality product.