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With Aurum you can be assured that with all our years of art dealing experience, we help our investors worldwide make informed and confident sales and purchases, in a highly confidential and secure way. We offer our consulting services to museums, businesses and private collectors in the acquirement of fine Works of Art.Continue Reading
We are able to determine the period, the school and the author as well as the authenticity of the work itself. We investigate the artists and school using official catalogs and archival documentation.Continue Reading
We offer appraisal services for the purpose of inheritance and insurance value. We also offer a cataloguing services for private collection and consulting on the market value of works for sales purposes.Continue Reading
We have been in the restoration business for over 22 years. We are set apart from the rest by our respect and minimal intervention of the works that we have restored.Continue Reading
We offer a strategy to assure the acquirement of a desired work. We also advise our clients on a purchasing price and can even attend auctions should the client be unable to attend.Continue Reading
· Management & Installation of Exhibits
· Specialized Transport
· Photography
· FrammingContinue Reading